Gizmo Central

Gizmo Central 2.6.2

Full-featured toolkit for a more efficient PC management


  • Many tools under one single app
  • Functionality can be customized


  • Difficult to configure: addressed to advanced users
  • You can't drag and drop new shortcuts


Gizmo Central is a package of tools intended to make computer tasks easier and more comfortable to do. The program works as a main basic app to which you can add several plug-ins in order to obtain new functionalities. These plug-ins are chosen during the installation process and can be changed at any time by running the installation again.

According to the author, Gizmo is addressed to all kinds of users, but I think it's more suitable for advanced ones. Among the featured plug-ins you'll find a launch toolbar, a synchronization server, a database tool or a disc image manager, which are generally very useful but certainly not the kind of apps that beginners are looking for.

On top of that, Gizmo is not intuitive at all as regards program configuration, nor does it have support for dragging and dropping elements, which would have been especially useful for the toolbar plug-in.

Gizmo Central is a convenient pack of tools designed to help you perform very diverse tasks.

Gizmo Central (or 'Gizmo' for short) is a collection of utilities designed to make your computational chores more efficient and more fun. Whether you're a power user or an occasional computer junkie, Gizmo offers a little something for everyone.

Gizmo's architecture is based on plug-ins. The program was purposefully designed this way to give you complete control over which features are installed, and which features are not. By using a plug-in system, it also makes it easier to add new features to Gizmo without affecting the rest of the application.

These are the tools included in Gizmo Central:

  • Gizmo Toolbar: Configurable quick launch bar for the Windows Shell
  • Gizmo Drive: Mount ISOs, encrypted hard drive images to a virtual drive
  • Gizmo Script: Automate your PC and execute functions using script
  • Gizmo Database: Query Analyzer and stored procedure analyzer
  • Gizmo Editor: Colorizing text editor and hex/binary editor
  • Gizmo Hasher: Calculate hash values for files, folders, and drives
  • Gizmo Synchronization: Synchronize files and deploy software between clients

Gizmo Central


Gizmo Central 2.6.2

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